What Are Acoustic Panels?

Acoustic panels are the secret to transforming your space into an oasis of tranquility. Designed to reduce noise levels and eliminate those pesky echoes, they work their magic by absorbing sound waves, preventing them from bouncing off unforgiving surfaces. The result? A more serene, enjoyable environment.

Cutting Made Simple

Customising your panels is a breeze. For width adjustments, reach for a sharp saw, slicing through the slats and felt with precision. When it's length that needs trimming, a craft knife is your trusty companion. Tailor the panels to fit any space by measuring and cutting them to your exact specifications.

Where Can They Go?

The possibilities are endless. Acoustic panels are versatile and can find their place in any indoor area, adorning both walls and ceilings. They're your ticket to peace in the office, serenity in the living room, or quiet in the studio.

Care and Maintenance

To keep your panels looking their best, consider adding a protective finish. Something like a natural wood oil is the perfect choice. It not only shields but also preserves the natural beauty of the wood. With a protective finish in place, a light dusting or a quick vacuuming keeps dust at bay. If you prefer the au naturel look, a simple wipe down with a dry cloth will do the trick.

Acoustic Panel Installation Guide

Acoustic Panel Installation Guide

Wall Installation
with Adhesive:

For a secure, hassle-free installation, reach for construction glue or grab adhesive when attaching our acoustic panels to your wall. It's a quick and easy way to enjoy the benefits of sound absorption.

Wall Installation
with Screws:

Prefer the sturdy touch? Screw the panels directly into your wall. Choose Black Screws for our Black-backed panels and Silver or Grey screws for the Grey-backed option. Secure them with a minimum of 9 screws per panel, spaced at 200mm intervals horizontally and 800mm vertically. If you're thinking about ceilings, ensure they're anchored to ceiling joists, and pick the right fixings for different wall types, like plasterboard.

Optimal Sound Absorption with Timber Batons:

For superior sound absorption, we recommend adding 45mm timber batons to your wall. Attach the panels directly to the batons through the acoustic felt. For the pièce de résistance, place Rockwool insulation behind the panels between the batons. This combination takes sound absorption to a whole new level, achieving Class [A] performance for noise reduction.

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