1. What are my colour options?

We offer a curated selection of wood veneer colors to elevate your space. Currently, our stock includes four stunning options:

  • The Washed Oak/Bamboo acoustic slat panel combines the warm, natural aesthetic of washed oak with the eco-friendly appeal of bamboo, creating a harmonious and stylish acoustic solution for interior spaces.
  • The Teak acoustic slat panel offers a sophisticated and timeless design, harnessing the rich tones and grain patterns of teak wood to provide both acoustic functionality and an elegant aesthetic for interior spaces.
  • The Walnut acoustic slat panel features the rich and distinctive beauty of walnut wood, offering a sophisticated and effective solution for enhancing acoustics in interior spaces while adding a touch of timeless elegance.
  • The Smoked Oak/Mahogany acoustic slat panel seamlessly marries the smoky allure of smoked oak with the deep, lustrous tones of mahogany, creating a captivating acoustic solution that combines aesthetic sophistication with effective sound management for interior spaces.
  • The Silver Oak/Charcoal acoustic slat panel blends the refined texture of Slner Oak with a modern touch of Charcoal, delivering a stylish and effective acoustic solution that elevates the aesthetic appeal of interior spaces while addressing sound management needs.
  • The Black Oak/Ebony acoustic slat panel presents a bold and modern aesthetic by combining the sleekness of black oak with the deep richness of ebony, offering a visually striking and acoustically efficient solution for enhancing interior spaces.
  • The Oak acoustic slat panel exudes timeless elegance, showcasing the natural beauty of oak wood to provide a versatile and effective acoustic solution that enhances the aesthetic and acoustic performance of interior spaces.
  • The Light Oak/Willow acoustic slat panel merges the subtle charm of light oak with the calming essence of willow, creating an acoustic solution that not only enhances sound management in interior spaces but also brings a refreshing and natural aesthetic to the environment.
  • The Grey Oak/Ironbark acoustic slat panel harmonizes the contemporary allure of grey oak with the robust character of ironbark, offering a sophisticated and effective acoustic solution that elevates both the visual appeal and sound management of interior spaces.

Choose the color that resonates with your vision and style, and let your space come to life with acoustic excellence.

2. How large are the panels?
Our panels are designed to meet your specific needs while offering maximum versatility. Each panel measures:
Length (L): 2400mm
Width (W): 600mm
Depth (D): 21mm
Despite their substantial size, these panels are designed for practicality, ensuring an easy installation process. They also maintain a manageable gross weight of just 13kgs, making them accessible and convenient for a wide range of spaces.
3. Want more details?

Absolutely! If you're looking for more in-depth information about our acoustic panels, we encourage you to visit our dedicated acoustic panels page. There, you'll find a wealth of information, including technical specifications, installation guides, and everything you need to make an informed decision. Explore the possibilities and discover how our panels can transform your space into a haven of acoustic comfort.

Ready to explore? Head over to our Acoustic Panels/Product page now!

4. How to install acoustic panels?

Wall Installation with Adhesive: For a secure, hassle-free installation, reach for construction glue or grab adhesive when attaching our acoustic panels to your wall. It's a quick and easy way to enjoy the benefits of sound absorption.

Wall Installation with Screws: Prefer the sturdy touch? Screw the panels directly into your wall. Choose Black Screws for our Black-backed panels and Silver or Grey screws for the Grey-backed option. Secure them with a minimum of 9 screws per panel, spaced at 200mm intervals horizontally and 800mm vertically. If you're thinking about ceilings, ensure they're anchored to ceiling joists, and pick the right fixings for different wall types, like plasterboard.

Optimal Sound Absorption with Timber Batons: For superior sound absorption, we recommend adding 45mm timber batons to your wall. Attach the panels directly to the batons through the acoustic felt. For the pièce de résistance, place Rockwool insulation behind the panels between the batons. This combination takes sound absorption to a whole new level, achieving Class [A] performance for noise reduction.

5. Tell me more about the materials?

Wood veneer faced MDF attached to black felt made of PET (recycled plastic) with acoustic properties

6. How do I calculate the number of panels I need for my wall?

Our panels are made to the standard size of height of 2,4m and width of 60cms. So when measuring your wall, divide the width by 60. For example, if your wall is 360cms wide (Divide 360cms by 60cms - you will therefore need 6 panels to cover the area)

For spaces taller than 2,4m - cutting and stacking is the way to go (joint line is not obvious when the panels are lined up on installation) or alternatively use the panels on part of your wall or centre of your space.